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Leader's Edge approach to consulting

have brought Gail Reichert in for many development interventions, both with teams and individuals. She has a unique blend of business acumen, people skills and deep subject matter expertise in leadership development, coaching and team working. She is brilliant to work with from concept through design to delivery and evaluation of development initiatives.

 Gail is strategic and practical, has impeccable integrity and the highest standards. I cannot recommend her highly enough to businesses and organisations who want to make a difference for their people.

Gil Sewell, Capability Manager, Fonterra (now GM Organisational Development ADHB)

Practical Coaching Skills

Often I felt I was telling staff what to do, or being seen by everyone as the person who would have the solutions.  Gail Reichert's Coaching Skills programme was structured to deliver me the changes in my approach that I wanted and was necessary to enhance my own performance and that of the staff around me. 

The programme is excellent for staff who are emerging into leadership, or are already experienced leaders - offering something that is practically focused and toolset driven, with the added advantage of Gail's expertise and experience in this space.  

Gail's Coaching Skills programme was without a doubt a highlight within my personal development programme this year (even my family has seen the benefit).  The programme has contributed to my enjoyment of my role and working with others.  

Senior Business Manager, AUT University

Design of leadership development programme

The programme was built on a range of best practice frameworks and models. Gail brought to the programme a strong foundational knowledge in these and a working style that enabled those who participated to both be challenged and learn in a supportive environment. 

Gail also continually assessed the impact of the programme. She updated the material to ensure currency in line with the results of each staff engagement survey, to create  a clear line of sight and fit with the organisation’s goals.

Organisational Development Manager, AUT University

Change management

Gail Reichert of Leader's Edge was appointed as Project Leader to work with the Diabetes NZ Board as it wrestled with the complex task of bringing together 38 independent societies which operated in a loosely federated structure, into one national and united organisation. The fact this was eventually achieved was in no small part due to Gail.

She became an integral part of the small project team, always going above and beyond what could reasonably be expected. Her facilitation and communication skills reflected a profound emotional intelligence enabling engagement with all stakeholders. She empowered the organisation's leaders with her current and well-informed wisdom and knowledge. And she expertly facilitated and enabled at often-fraught meetings where no questions could remain unanswered.

 Remarkably her appetite for the project never waned, despite the very demanding nature of it. Given she was largely working with 'volunteers', the work demanded commitment at weekends and evenings. Her excellent time management meant everything was delivered in full and the planning she undertook kept us moving ahead.

I personally found her willingness to listen and discuss non-judgmentally any aspect of the process of enormous value. I learned a lot, all of which assisted in making better decisions. The entire project was enormous and Gail became the beacon that ensured we did not get lost in the labyrinth of work streams, planning, new policies and communications that were a part of it.

It is with great satisfaction that I report we achieved what we set out to and Diabetes NZ is now well into the period of implementation.

Chris Baty, President, Diabetes NZ

Executive coaching

Recently, I engaged with Gail Reichert to provide executive coaching.  I was impressed by her ability to listen, assess the situation and facilitate a coaching conversation to an amazing outcome

What was really pertinent in this situation was Gail’s technical knowledge and her ability to impart this combined with a great sense of humour.  

Senior HR Business Partner


Comments from course participants - how they have applied what they learned on the programmes

When meeting in one on one situations with staff I am more confident getting the meeting to the point I have planned.  I am more confident as I know myself better and have a small understanding of the personality of the person that I am meeting with.


I am able to identify others' leadership styles and adapt my approach when something important needs to be discussed. For example those in red, need information that is succinct to the point and logical. My next meeting with the particular colleague went very well and I was satisfied with the outcome.


I have used coaching with my direct reports and I notice they are taking more responsibility and ownership of a problem or issue they had. This empowers them and I believe helps them feel more valued.


I am more aware of others, in staff meetings I now listen more to others and seek their opinions.

I am able to see things more objectively and realistically; I have a better understanding of the need for appropriate pace for self and others; I have increased my confidence in some of the strategies I had used in the past.