What we do

 In a nutshell we do the following:

  •  Scope, design, develop, facilitate and evaluate leadership programmes for frontline to mid-tier managers and aspiring leaders.
  • Coach mid- to senior-level executives to work to their potential and overcome barriers to career success, using a range of solutions-focused coaching methodologies.
  • Thought-partner with managers on key organisational and strategic HR issues.
  • Provide facilitation services for important meetings
  • Help groups or teams get their act together where there is lack of cohesion or a tricky stand-off or impasse situation.


 How can we help you?

 Design and development of leadership programmes

  •  Updates: You have to design, develop or update a leadership programme to 'hit the sweet spot' and create measurable growth and development, but don't have the necessary time, knowledge, resources or material to do it effectively.
  • Link to strategy: You have to develop content that links the programme clearly to the strategic objectives and guiding statements of the organisation, but don't know where to begin.
  • Emotional intelligence: You have an existing programme that is missing some key elements of emotional intelligence and you'd like to fast-track with proven activities and exercises to build success.
  • Real behaviour change: You've realised your existing programme is simply a 'tick box' event that's entertaining but with no real behaviour change resulting, and you'd like some pointers on how to get better value for money. 


 Development or updating leadership competency frameworks

  • Alignment with strategy: Your leadership competency framework needs updating to align with new strategy and you're not sure how to do that effectively and efficiently.
  • Budget constraints: You need to adopt a framework on a shoestring budget, and would like some pointers on where to start. 


 Technical experts and mid-to senior managers who need help with communication and relating skills

  • Techies struggle relating: Your technical experts are great at their work, but struggle to relate to others effectively, and you'd like to find a way of expanding their style - while dealing with their natural resistance to the 'soft skills fluffy approach' they've encountered in the past. 
  • Coaching need: You've identified specific areas of development that need to be bolstered in order for valued employees to fulfill their potential - and you've identified coaching as an appropriate solution.

Off-the-shelf programmes

Our standard programmes are already scoped and developed and therefore available with no design investment. There may be some small cost involved to tailor to your specific organisation. These have all been proven effective through delivery in client organisations.

* Communication Foundations

The key principles covered in this one-day foundation workshop are:

  1. An overview of the communication cycle
  2. Skill building on how to establish, build and maintain rapport
  3. Skill building on how to listen effectively.
  4. Different processing and learning styles

Being able to consciously build rapport and listen effectively are fundamental to building good quality human interactions. When you layer listening effectively with rapport, your ability to get on well with people will shift to wider and deeper levels.

This can be tailored for all levels of an organisation, and works well when used for team building.

* Coaching Skills for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

A series of three workshops to embed a solutions-focused coaching approach to leading and relating to others. This can be expanded to include an additional workshop on coaching teams and team effectiveness. It is ideally suited for frontline to mid-level managers and is highly effective in building both the competence and confidence to apply the solutions-focused coaching approach in the workplace.

This course can be adapted to suit the time and confidentiality requirements of senior leaders.

Leader's Edge has a very successful track record of running Coaching Skills workshops in a several large New Zealand corporates, in healthcare and with academic and general staff in a large tertiary education institute in Auckland. It works! 

* Turning Difficult Conversations into Collaborative Conversations 

This 3-workshop series builds on Practical Coaching Skills as a logical next step. It helps participants to break through the barriers to high quality conversations - and to have those difficult conversations that everyone avoids. 

During the programme you’ll have the opportunity to explore your own mental models and ingrained assumptions and start the journey to aligning with the Collaborative Conversations approach to difficult conversations. This approach will not only help you to retain your equanimity in the face of contrary views, you will also be able to work far more effectively to achieve outcomes that tap the best ideas and thinking from others.


* The art of giving feedback

A one-day workshop that teaches how to build feedback into your everyday interactions with staff using a simple model to start the feedback conversation and avoid delivering feedback that doesn't work.

* Making sense of behaviour using DISC behavioural style

The simple four-colour DISC behavioural style framework will help you understand the mysteries of people whose behaviour is not like yours.

A lot of tension and conflict in the workplace comes down to seeing the world just through our own eyes. DISC helps diffuse tension and increase understanding between people because it explains the range of 'normal' behaviour across four styles.

The mystery of behaviour is solved when you learn to identify style and preference in others - making small adaptations to your behaviour that has a large impact on how you get along with others.

This is a very useful team workshop, and can be tailored to meet your team's current situation.

* Evolve Your World 

mBIT Professional Trainer

A two-day personal mastery programme using Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) to live a more fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding life.

 The programme is designed to:

  • Accelerate and amplify your existing personal development practices
  • Bring deep intuitive wisdom to your decision making and action taking
  • Connect with your self and others in ways you may not have experienced before
  • Resolve internal conflicts so you can get aligned and congruent
  • Create wise and compelling goals, dreams and outcomes
  • Liberate your human spirit, get in touch with your passions and enliven true heart-felt joy and enthusiasm for life
  • Learn to create more, be more, and truly evolve your world in wise and generative ways

Evolve Your World can be included as part of a leadership development programme, or as a standalone course to strengthen emotional intelligence and self-confidence. 

There's more ...

If you haven't yet found what you're looking for, give me a call. We have other modules and workshops centred around personal leadership, emotional intelligence, listening and other vital communication skills.  


Contact me, Gail Reichert now for an obligation-free chat about your needs and challenges. I'm always happy to have an introductory coffee or meeting to explore how we might work together.

Email: leader@leadersedge.co.nz

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