People and organisations thrive through conscious leadership


Welcome to Leader's Edge

Leader's Edge partners with clients to design and facilitate leadership development that lifts human consciousness and positively impacts organisational effectiveness.  


Our guiding statements

Our vision is: New Zealand organisations consciously leading with creativity, compassion and courage.

Our mission is: Strengthening New Zealand by awakening human consciousness, growth and development for leaders in organisations.  


Our beliefs about leadership development

A good fit between an organisation and a consultant pivots on commonly-held values and beliefs. To help you understand our approach to leadership development, here are our most strongly held beliefs:


Leadership is personal and about people first and foremost. Emotional intelligence - self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management - is the essential foundation of good leadership. No amount of intellect or courage, knowledge or motivation can make up for a lack of emotional intelligence.

Always start with personal leadership. When you build a strong foundation it means that the higher level skills, such as strategic thinking, meeting leadership, negotiation, business acumen etc can be implemented effectively. These advanced skills will have less impact if the leader cannot effectively engage people.

Developing personal leadership takes time and support. Personal leadership requires intentional practice and accurate feedback over time. You must keep development simple, and focused on one or two aspects only over a six-to-twelve month time period. Complex programmes and short time frames are a recipe for overwhelm, over-spend and failure. At best you'll end up with people who are knowledgeable but incompetent. Intellectually they know it all, but nothing changes in their behaviour or attitude. To be effective, keep it simple, keep it supported. Which leads me to ...

Leadership development is a shared journey. We strongly recommend that line managers of people we work with are involved and engaged in their development. Research indicates that the transfer of learning to the workplace is highly dependent upon the manager's actions before and after any training. We work with organisations to help them build a strong infrastructure around the course participants. 

Leaders develop leaders. The real-life stories and experiences of leaders in organisations are one of the simplest ways of transferring learning in organisations. We encourage the integration of organisational leaders by way of opening and closing ceremonies, workshop facilitation, keynote addresses and mentoring. 

Keep it simple. Whether you're working with a sophisticated competency framework or just with a general sense of what you want to develop, initially you must focus on the core leadership skills of communication, coaching/developing others, and shaping performance.

Link development to strategy. Organisational development is the bridge between strategy and results. Ensure your dollars are well spent with clear line of sight between leadership development initiatives and what the organisation intends to achieve. This also means it is simpler to create an evaluation plan that measures what matters most.


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